Monday, July 14, 2008

And So It Begins ...

Like the layout? I think it looks sort of funky but it's nice and clean and I like that. Had to put a little sketchy sketch to the side so you know what to expect here. Speaking of sketches, I had to contribute a little something for my first post.

Padonna, a character from my up and coming webcomic drawn at various angles. Surprisingly, her character design has been the most trying so far. I've been working on making her less boring. I'm pleased with her Greek hairstyle but I think there's still room for improvement with her outfit. Normally, I'd hide all my art until I've finished the whole story and refrain from embarassing myself but I'm going to try to be more open about my art. I am going to art college this Fall, after all. I need to be open to criticism.

I should stop now though because I have carpal tunnel in my left hand. Blegh. It's hard to function without being able to do anything. :(