Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bumper and Layouts

So since lots of people were wondering what my bumper would look like with sound, here it is. It is still in the rough stages(since 90% of it was done in the last two days haha), but I'd love to keep playing with it to see how it goes. And that crackling sound is supposed to be crickets!

Here's some backgrounds from the bumper that were made at the last minute.

The original idea I had for the bumper was scrapped, but I still have some of the finished/rough layouts.

Here's some of the layouts I did for Moh's class.

Weekly Sketch

Since the finals were eating up all my time, this is more like a monthly sketch dump. I've been making a conscious effort to sketch more and try out different styles. None of these are really from anything in particular (except for my characters at the top left). I have a storyboard to share too.