Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day!

I haven't been into a classroom with such a good atmosphere in a long time. It was nice. I am pleased to have met some of my classmates. I still haven't met a great deal of them but we'll have all year to be better aquainted with each other. I know a good amount missed the introduction at noon. I'm glad I got a seat next to Reetta, though I'll probably feel inferior at times since I love her stuff. I know I also met and spoke with lots of artists, but unfortunately I have a hard time remembering some of them since I'm bad with names. Don't be upset if I forget your name, just remind me and I'll get it.

The figure drawing class was awesome, but kind of intimidating. I've always kind of lacked when it came to figure drawing. I understand the proportions well enough but I have to relearn everything since I developed my own weird way of drawing (or not drawing) structure. I have to work on that more than anything, and get a more confident line in my sketchwork. Those are my big things to work on for now.

Just a simple sketch I did in my new sketchbook-I'd scan some figure drawing stuff but it's so big and hard to scan. This'll have to do. Also some new stuff in my devart as well. Been working on doing more digital painting/work on my tablet and trying to keep the transition from paper to tablet less awkward (because I've totally been neglecting paper lately). God am I excited about those Cintiqs in class. If there's one thing to turn an artist on, it's a Cintiq for sure.

Expect to see more sketches soon.


Juan said...

Cool illustration!

kelipipo said...

Pahh intimidated... we're going to be drawing bouncy balls and stuff. You won't be intimidated by a bouncy ball :D
It was great to meet y'all too!

Cute and intriguing sketch, reminds me of a fairytale illustration.

Peach said...

Thanks. I was thinking of Arthur Rackham when I drew this, so that's probably why.

Rosanna Brost said...

ooo it's so detailed, I'm so jealous!

kadianimate said...

Very prettyyyyy!

I miss class already T_T

Hi from a recent gradddd