Friday, October 17, 2008

Blegh--and Updates!

I really need to update more.

I got sick yesterday. Well, it was actually food poisoning, but I had a cold on top of it. I left school on Wednesday knowing something was horribly wrong with me. Then I realized what the cause was but I'm not going to divulge here. I'll just call the health inspectors about it and see what they can do. Gotta find their number.

I'm sad that I missed school, but I was so ill it had to be done. I hope I can catch up this weekend, though I am busy ALL DAY Saturday. I hope Delaney postponed building our characters, otherwise I might cry.

I've uploaded some Capcom fanart to my deviantart, as well as this character sheet for my protagonist for my comic Lapis:

Ain't she cute? Just like a little female Napolean! She's only like 5 heads tall (like tinkerbell)! Short blondes are fun to draw, especially when they're angry and tuff. Rrr.

P.S. The hood she's wearing has built-in sand goggles to brave the TOUGHEST of sandstorms. Some days it pays to look creepy.


colleen said...

Oh no!! I hope whatever it is gets out of your system, pronto.

Also, THESE ARE GREAT. Is this one of the lead characters? You are a wizard of costumes, I think. Can't wait to see more.

kelipipo said...

Oh my GOD.... That sucks BUCKETS!
I'm talking about your illness, of course, NOT the drawings. They're super-cute!

What a woeful tale. I will try to spare your feelings when mentioning the sculpey class in your presence. :(
But maquette-ing continues next Thursday, so there's that.
And Re: history, just in case you haven't seen Chuck Jones' The Dover Boys, it will make you feel better -- or puke from laughter (still beats food poisoning).

Rosanna Brost said...

aw man, that totally sucks ass, I hope you're feeling better today!

Wicked character by the way, I'm completely jealous of the clothes on her. I'm terrible at designing them. Beautiful drawings anyway. Is your comic going to be like a graphic novel?

Kelvin Law(羅應康) said...

look at that ...pretty good drawing!