Sunday, November 9, 2008

Capcom Stickers

I did these in just a few days. At first, I was unsure if I could make good super-deformed characters of the capcom girls, but one sleep deprived night I drew Morrigan and then the rest followed after within the next day. I'm happy with the consistency of style and the clean sketchwork. I notice Felicia's the favourite in this group but my favourite is definitely Morrigan. She's always been my favourite in the games too. She's a tough broad who gets what she wants no matter what. I like that. Her hair's awesome too.
I'm selling these right now for a limited time in sticker form, so if you are interested in any, just bug me and I'll probably have some on my person this week. The change goes to a good cause: to help me attend my dad's funeral on Friday.

I have some more animations I'll be uploading in the future. I'm just pleased with how these turned out.


colleen said...

count me in for buyin' some! I will track you down at school...

Ana said...

Hey there.

Will gave me a couple of these for Christmas. I think it's cute stuff. Keep 'em up. Heh.