Saturday, May 16, 2009

More Final Work

My final animation.

My film for Davore. A pgsm spoof. This was so much fun, omg.

I realize I should really update this thing more. I will try to do this more in the future.


Anonymous said...

wow, EPIC musical score in Chubby Bunny

Leeness said...

Peeach, Peeeeeach!

Did you see the footage for the next Team ICO game? :D It's apparently really old and may not even look like the actual game by the time it's done, but still... it's footage from Team ICO! :D

Shyester said...

what... the frick, Peach.

HAHAHA wow! I couldn't stop laughing. This was so random-good job! ^_^

loveyoo said...

wooo..good work.

and here is website you asked

Maximo said...

gwaaaa you guys are adorable