Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sailor Mars

I told you there were better posts to come. Sailor Mars is one of the best soldiers ever. All firey and red and IN YOUR FACE. Yeah. I'm glad I found time for this! I also made a tutorial about how I do linework. Be sure to check it out.


BrittBoss said...

Man o man o man. Your colouring is so awesome. She looks GREAT! I am still holding out for sailor uranus though ;)

hows the boards going??

Yu said...

Sailor Mars has always been my favorite, but Sailor Saturn also kicks ass.
I love this piece! The others were bright and energetic but this one's just bursting with fiery beauty :D

Megan said...

Great tutorial, Peach! Ahhhh I can't wait to see more sailors from you! =D

Peach said...

Thanks so much guys!