Sunday, May 9, 2010

Portfolio Pages

I had a lot of fun at gradshow! Got to meet a lot of awesome talented people and reconnect with some of the ones I know. Here's my portfolio pages. I'm really looking forward to this summer!


Sinistar1 said...

Your hired! Oops, I mean, awesome folio pieces!

Robaato said...

You know I love it all! ALLLLLLLL!!!!

Sloth said...

hey Peach love your work, great colour, although theres a definite shortage of Y chromosome in most designs :P

Jason Pruett said...

Great shapes! Strong color. I like your work. I like it a lot.

Your work would work well with the ladies

Peach said...

Thanks, Robaato!
Sloth, I am totally working on it! Thanks for the comment!
Thanks, Jason! I am a big fan of their work, actually!

Malcolm said...

Peach, These are absolutely astounding. You really know how to capture every day life, in fact a lot better than anybody I've seen who has done cafe sketches before.

I'm also admiring the backgrounds and layouts. You obviously have an extremely good eye for perspective and lighting. Perfect for any portfolio.

The creature designs aren't too shabby as well. I particularly like that tusked beast on the left. He looks very gentle.

Of course, your characters and illustrations are excellent as well. They have a lot of life to them as well as emotion.

Overall, your work is fantastic. I'm confident that you'll go far in the industry as long as you keep doing what your doing now.