Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Who's The Bad Guy?

These are some cinematic boards I made for my storyboarding final last year. I've been hesitating to put these up for awhile. The story is based on a comic my sister and I have been developing for a long time and I'd never really shared a lot of the work I've been doing. I had all the dialogue memorized at the time so I've added basic captions to help it make more sense. I also spruced it up a little, but I realize some of the shots are a bit sloppy in several ways. It was a good learning experience at least.


coNs Oroza said...

Pretty inspiring! Wish I had the patience to do this, haha

Anonymous said...

awesome, I'm happy to see this posted. :) You should be proud of these even though there was a year difference since you last touched them. I remember when you were presenting them in class, the color scheme was so specific and stood out so much from all the rest. I could tell it was important to you :P

manee said...

very cool boards, i love the dungeon section, so moody! it's so awesome to see more of your boards! :) now just to wait for the comic ;)